Neuro-UX to remove unseen barriers to digital business.


We use neuroscience UX to test and improve how your screens perform

We are Neuro-UX architects using proprietary methodology, ERA, which combine Data and Neurosciences (fMRI, EEG, Eyetracking) to build digital screens (smartphone, tablet, computer) that give users an barrier-free multi-devices experience and that enable enterprises to achieve their business objectives.


95% of brain activities are non-conscious

We analyse these non-conscious activities to identify the unseen barriers standing in the way of the user. Removing them enables us to create a much better user experience and deliver greater effectiveness. In so doing, we create a win-win situation in which the business objectives are met and the users pleased.

Reduce subjectivity and identify what works best


The academic community has developed during the recent years a real multidisciplinary knowledge in Neuroscience. Netway’s breakthrough is to have built robust methodologies to bring this from the academic level to a business application. In the last 15 years we have developed a unique expertise combining business pragmatism and scientific techniques. We use objective measurements to deliver operational recommendations.

Our Neuro-UX expertise

Behavior Profiling & Strategy

We analyze the difference between the current user behavior and the desired behavior that screens should ideally generate.

Behavior Journey

We structure step by step journey based on decision points that carry the user from one screen to another to reach their goal.

Biological Multiple-Screens Architecture

We build digital experiences across screens to generate the expected behavior.


We measure 63 behavioral indicators using advanced eye-tracking (standard eye-tracking analyses only 2 or 3), EEG and fMRI.
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We generate bottom-line results.

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