We build effective
users experiences by associating
and design

95% of users' behaviours are non-conscious... They are the core and the focus of our methodology :

Behavioural strategy

We establish the behaviour, the lived experience and the actual perception of your users. The aim : understand what needs to be changed in the futur so you can reach your business objectives.

User cases

Screen by screen, we transform the strategy into concepts. We choose the graphical and textual elements that will enable us to generate the right behaviours and the right emotions.


The concepts are going to visually take shape. This means that, for each screen of your user's path, you will be able to see the concrete cosmetic layer that will be applied.

Neurotests session

To measure the screens' efficiency and generate the right behaviours, the right emotions, we confront these screens to real users in order to record their biometric datas.

To measure the efficiency and emotions generated by your screens, we use
5 high-end biometric technologies


Measures the activity of users’ eyes while navigating on the screens in order to better understand what was looked at, for how long, why …


Records users brain’s activity on the skull which will enable us to measure the level of doubts, misunderstanding, positive/negative emotions …


Identifies with a surgical precision, what are the activations of certain specific parts of the brain in response to external stimuli.

Facial analysis

Identifies the emotions felt by users and that will be expressed on their faces in an unconscious, natural and instinctive way.


Quantifies and measures the sweat variation on the skin which is an uncontrollable reaction when confronted to external emotional stimulations.

But, it is not only about your users ... It's also about your experience with us. What it will bring you is :

Concrete business results for your company

An exciting time with additional knowledge in UX

A human project monitoring provided by our team of experts

Here are some interesting readings that could already give you a better understanding of your users' behaviours

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